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Investment consultant

Swedish investment environment

The Swedish government is committed to promoting its cutting-edge technology and excellent industries, and guiding domestic and foreign investment into industries such as information and communication technology, electronics, automobiles, life and biotechnology, energy conservation and environmental friendly, new materials and packaging. Generally speaking, all industries in Sweden are open to private capital and foreign capital, including railways, postal services, telecommunications, radio, television and other industries that were once monopolized by the state.


Sweden’s superior investment environment is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The market is open and fair competition is emphasized

Due to the small domestic market, Swedish companies have been facing the international market since their inception, and there are many well-known multinational companies. Therefore, the Swedish government has always pursued a free trade policy and emphasized fair competition. Under this principle, Sweden adopts an open attitude towards foreign investment, and treats capital of different property rights and nationalities equally.

2. Developed public service system

The Swedish government is open and transparent, and its internet is highly connected. The employment, medical, housing and education service networks are all over the country, the social security system is perfect, the people live and work in peace and contentment, and the happiness index is super high. Roads, railways, water transportation, airports, ports and other infrastructure facilities are super developed.

3. Good market environment

Sweden is known for its integrity, rule of law and fairness. The market is open, modern and friendly in a business environment. The company registration process is simple. The consulting service industry is developed, and business partners are of high quality. The financial industry is developed and highly specialized. All kinds of professionals are complete, skilled workers are abundant, and labor productivity is high. In addition, the Swedes live a fashionable life and are willing to try to accept new things easily. Therefore, Sweden has become a testing ground for many foreign companies’ products and new technologies.

4. Strong innovation ability

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, with invention patents and patent applications per capita among the top in the world, and the birthplace of the Nobel Prize. The tradition of advocating innovation, a social atmosphere that tolerates failure, open education and a complete welfare system have formed Sweden’s superior innovation environment. In recent years, Sweden’s R&D (Research and development)  investment accounted for about 4% of GDP. It is dominated by private capital and is one of the countries with the largest R&D investment in the world.

What we provide

United Enterprise Sweden AB provides comprehensive investment consultant services, including:

  • Property investment
  • Real estate project investment
  • Acquisition and investment in Swedish companies
  • Technology project investment
  • Patent or patented product introduced into China
  • Financing consultant

Register a company

Company form

For foreign investors, the most common form of company in Sweden is a limited liability company. For a long time, Swedish law requires limited liability companies to have only one owner, that is, they can only establish wholly-owned subsidiaries. This has prompted many large and small companies to establish their own subsidiaries.

A limited liability company is a legal entity with a minimum share capital requirement of 50,000 SEK. This is not the case with branch companies, which are not independent legal entities, but as part of a foreign company —- regional representative office. The operation of the branch in Sweden still has to comply with Swedish laws and regulations. Regardless of the above form, it must be registered with the Swiss Companies Registry (Bolagsverket) and the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Limited liability company

The Swedish limited liability company (the AB company we usually see), like the limited liability company in most countries, assumes all of its registered capital as the highest amount of risk. The individual shareholders of the company do not bear any responsibility for the company other than the registered capital.

Limited liability companies are divided into private companies and publicly listed companies. The minimum share capital of the two is 50,000 and 500,000 Swedish kronor respectively. A limited liability company shall have a board of directors responsible for the company and manage its business. There is no limit to the number of members of the board of directors of a private company, but at least one representative director must be appointed. Unless a franchise is granted, more than half of the directors must reside in the European Economic Area. The chairman and vice chairman of the board of directors must be persons with Swedish nationality or permanent residency.

A limited liability company over a certain size must establish an auditor and submit an annual financial report to the Swedish Companies Registry (Bolagsverket) every year in accordance with the Swedish “Bokföringslagen”. Intra-group dividends of limited liability companies can be exempt from interest tax.

The application documents for the establishment of a limited liability company are usually drafted with the help of a lawyer and registered with the Swedish Companies Registry(Bolagsverket) . You can also purchase an existing company that has been established and registered from a law firm.

Branch office

Foreign-funded enterprises can also set up branches in Sweden to carry out business in Sweden. According to the Swedish Company Law, a branch is a part of a foreign company and therefore is not an independent legal entity. The branch has no registered capital, so the capital investment to enter the Swedish market is relatively reduced.

A foreign company can only establish one branch in Sweden. The branch company operates independently in Sweden in accordance with the Swedish foreign-invested enterprise branch law. Unless specifically approved by the Swedish Companies Registry (Bolagsverket), an overseas branch in Sweden must have a person with permanent residency in the European Community as the company’s executive general manager. If the executive general manager does not live in Sweden, the branch will also entrust a Swedish resident as the reception and representative of the entire registration process. This Swede does not necessarily need to be employed by the branch, but must be registered with the Swedish Companies Registry (Bolagsverket).

The executive general manager of the branch is responsible for the daily operation of the branch, and is entrusted by the head office to handle all related affairs in Sweden on behalf of the head office, and is the legal representative of the branch in Sweden.

Branches can have their own bank accounts. Branches that exceed a certain size must establish an auditor and submit annual financial reports to the Swedish Companies Registry (Bolagsverket) in accordance with the Swedish “Bokföringslagen”. In terms of taxation, it is treated similarly to a limited liability company. Branches are allowed to apply for tax relief during the transition period of the business.

Company registration process

  • The process of establishing a limited liability company (the form of company chosen by most foreign investors) in Sweden is not complicated. Applications are usually drafted with the help of lawyers and registered with the Swedish Companies Registry (Bolagsverket). After the Swedish Companies Registry receives an application, it can be approved within an average of 1 to 2 weeks. The materials that a newly registered company usually needs to prepare include:
  • 3 alternative company names
  • Registered capital (at least 50,000 Swedish Krona)
  • Business plan
  • Company share certificate
  • At least two citizens of EU member states or persons with a Swedish personal number shall serve as board members.
  • Audit firm name (small companies with less than 3 employees may not needed temporarily)

Another option is to purchase a formally incorporated and registered company from a law firm or professional consulting company. Generally speaking, with the exception of certain areas such as insurance, banking and financial services, starting a business in Sweden does not require a business license, but investors who have been approved by other EU countries can get such licences directly due to mutual recognition agreements.Sweden unilaterally applies the principle of non-discrimination and abides by international agreements signed with the European Union and WTO, which means that foreign investors can get the same treatment as Swedish domestic investors.

After the company is successfully registered, it needs to apply for F-skatt to the tax bureau before it can start operation.

What we provide

1. Company management supporting services

Opening up the market in Sweden or setting up a business/trade office in Sweden requires the establishment and operation of a company in Sweden. We provide comprehensive company management services.

• Company establishment

We register, purchase, and transfer various types of companies, and provide new company startup services, such as tax registration, account opening, union contact, insurance purchase, license application, etc., to clear the way for your company to successfully start operations.

• Financial Management

The operation of the company requires good financial management. We provide services in all aspects of financial management from accounting, invoice issuance, tax declaration, personnel salary distribution and declaration to financial annual reports.

• Personnel employment and visa application

Are you recruiting local employees in Sweden or importing talents from China? Direct recruitment or secondment to a human resources company? We assist you throughout the process to find talents that meet the company’s development needs. From posting job information, interviewing and hiring, applying for visas, and settling overseas, we can help you with all the details.

• Trademark registration

Applications for trademark registration should be submitted to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. We provide trademark registration agency services.

2. Landing service

After the company employees and their families arrive, with our help, they will gradually adapt to life in Sweden. We provide:

  • The warm package of landing service, including airport pick-up, renting and household registration, helps new employees settle down smoothly. 
  • The smooth package of landing service, including bank account opening, children’s enrollment, language training, bill payment, medical treatment, insurance, broadband telephone, electricity agreement, etc., to help new employees solve the troubles of life.

Orientation service

How we can help you

Moving to a new country and city for work purposes is a wonderful experience. It may take some time to adjust to your new city, especially if you are moving as a family. An orientation city tour is a good way for us to share knowledge of the future home so that our customers can feel prepared in the best way.

One day or half day service. The service will be customized according to customer needs.

What we provide

  • A guided tour of the city and its residential areas
  • An introduction to public transportation
  • Practical information
  • View typical Swedish property
  • General information about the Swedish rental market and housing
  • Information about Sweden’s daycare and school system
  • Information about everyday life in Sweden

After the introduction, we will show our client around the city on an informal tour and visit various residential areas of particular interest. If schools are needed, we will introduce different international and local schools.

We will show different shopping areas, explain public transportation, clarify the education system, and discuss many other important factors that will arouse people’s interest when moving to Sweden. An information package will be provided to customers, which contains useful information about starting a new life in Sweden.

Home finding service

How we can help you

Finding the right home to live is the best way to start in a new place. With our Home Finding service, United Enterprise ensures that you have access to all available properties in Sweden’s limited and challenging rental market. Let our knowledge and expertise guide you in successfully for finding your new home according to your needs.

What we provide

  • Thoroughly review the client’s housing requirements
  • Search properties based on requirements
  • Negotiating rent with the landlord
  • Accompanying the display of the property
  • Draft lease agreement
  • Move-In Inspection including inventory check

Setting down service

How we can help you

Our Settling-down service reduces the administrative burden related to local registration and helps you understand the necessary steps for local registration after arriving in Sweden.

In all important steps of this process, United Enterprise will guide you all the way. We will arrange all appointments, assist you with the necessary paperwork, and provide information about what documents you need to bring with each particular appointment.

When relocating in Northern Europe, our goal is to make sure that your employees settle down as quickly as possible. With our local knowledge, rich network and long-term experience, we have the appropriate capabilities to help your new employees.

What we provide

  • Swedish ID card
  • Accompanying a visit to the tax office to be registered with the Swedish Population Registry
  • Order A tax certificate (A-skattsedel)
  • Open bank accounts including online banking and debit/credit cards
  • Apply for social insurance/register with Försäkringskassan
  • Register at the medical center (vårdcentral), local doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Order a European health insurance card

Ongoing support service

How we can help you

Ongoing/Continuous support is a service provided to the company’s human resources department and customers, and other support is covered after the settling-down process.

On average, this service lasts for 3 months and can help you answer all the questions encountered in Sweden in the first few months. For families with children, if additional help is needed in school, like leisure activities, etc., it is recommended to add a few months. If your child is very young or you are going to have a child, you will usually have additional needs and questions over a longer period of time.

What we provide

A period of 1-3 months is recommended for singles and families without children.

A period of 3-6 months is recommended for families with children.

A period of 6-12 months is recommended in the following cases:

  • Has a child less than a year old
  • Has a child with special needs
  • When the family plan to have a child
  • If you suspect a major culture collision

The service is mainly a telephone hotline, and we provide guidance to the customer. For example, we can assist in booking appointments with doctors or dentists. If needed, we will accompany different appointments, but then additional time fees will be charged.


Any other services that you may need but we have not yet listed, welcome to reach out to us!