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Accounting consultant

Tax advice

How we can help you

All transactions conducted by your business involve different types of tax issues. Our tax advisor will help you manage the tax of your business, which of course will reduce your tax costs, manage tax risks in an optimal way and maximize tax returns. In small companies, private finances are usually linked to the company’s finances, so it is particularly important to plan the business and taxes in the best way.

According to current regulations, you and your company can benefit greatly from optimizing taxation as much as possible. If you hire us, our advisers will continue to study your company’s tax situation and how to make the most of laws and regulations.

What we provide

  • Tax advice for small business
  • Advice and support for buying and selling companies
  • Strategies for restructuring and ownership structure
  • Choice of company form 
  • Tax issues in contact with foreign countries
  • Property tax
  • Manage VAT
  • Tax declarations
  • Structure and establishment of shareholder agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions issues
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Accounting service

How we can help you

We are an accounting firm that tailors solutions for you. You can outsource the entire financial management or some parts. Our accounting services include everything from current accounting to financial statements, annual accounts, tax returns and tax advice.

With United Enterprise, you can get a good understanding of the company’s financial status in a simple way. Every month, you will receive an easy-to-understand report package that allows you to control the company’s earnings and liquidity and other developments. On an annual basis, we process your financial statements, annual reports and other statutory company documents.

What we provide

Some ongoing accounting services we offer:
  • Current accounts
  • Customer and supplier
  • Salary management
  • Monthly reporting
  • Project Accounting
  • Declarations
Some year-end services we offer:
  • Financial statements
  • Annual reports
  • Annual declarations
  • Tax advice
  • K10 forms for the shareholders

Salary management

How we can help you

To manage your employees in your organization, why not let us act as your personal salary department for all employees. We can assist in solving problems related to salary management and personnel related issues..

Do you think salary issues are a bit complicated? Is it difficult to keep track of laws, regulations, taxes and other things that are related to salaries? Or do you think you just spend too much time managing your salary?  It’s totally understandable. The fact is that small businesses that manage their administrative affairs spend an average of 42% of their working hours on this. Frankly speaking, you can spend that time on other important things in your business, right?

So, why not let us take care of  your salary management so that you have more time for your core business! Let us help you with your salary and make your business easier. We can manage the entire payroll management or specific parts of payroll processing as your wish.

What we provide

  • We help you with outsourcing of the entire payroll administration, including system responsibility
  • Usual payroll management
  • Support for process surveys or execution of process surveys
  • System support
  • Competence transfer – we create routine descriptions and ensure that the company’s routines are written down
  • Support and advice in procurement
  • Implementation of new pay systems
  • Help with travel bills
  • Expatriates
  • High-risk protection
  • Reporting to Fora, Collectum and other pension solutions
  • Time accounting system
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Human resources

How we can help you

Do you lack the company’s human resources, or do you need someone to offer advice and support before changes or complex challenges for your employees?

At United Enterprise, we can help you with personnel administration issues such as salaries, salary formation, employment contracts and pensions, but also with more strategic areas such as company culture, work environment, leadership supply and skills development.

We can provide you with internal documents, such as job descriptions and personnel manuals, and set up internal HR policies and guidelines for the company and employees. Our human resources (HR) department can provide you with all the support related to HR issues. We can handle the entire HR process or specific parts as you wish.

What we provide

  • Internal documentation such as job descriptions, personnel manuals, HR policies and guidelines
  • Internal HR processes
  • HR plans, for example plans for work environment and gender equality
  • Employment law advice
  • Employment contracts
  • Advice and support in HR -related issues
  • Trade union negotiations